Firearm Transfers

Cross Creek Guns is a Federal Firearms License (FFL) Dealer. All federal and state laws pertaining to the background checks and transfer of firearms will be strictly followed. We are more than glad to assist you with a firearms transfer. Shipping a firearm to a non-FFL holder is prohibited. In order to transfer a firearm purchased elsewhere, the selling dealer must have a copy of our FFL on file before they will ship the firearm to us. We will send our FFL paperwork directly to that dealer. You are responsible to pay the selling dealer the price of the firearm and any shipping costs. Upon receipt of the firearm, we will contact you to come to our location for the required background check. We charge a transfer fee of $20. If you purchase a firearm from us that requires shipping, the dealer in your area that is handling the background check must send their FFL to us. You will be responsible for any transfer fees required by that dealer. 

For a list of FFLs we have on file, please click here.

Last updated Dec. 6, 2014

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